Work From Home Opportunities: 4 Non MLM Options For Parents

ParentingWork From Home Opportunities: 4 Non MLM Options For Parents

When new parents face returning to work, it can be a very daunting decision to make. Sacrifice spending time with children or risk financial difficulties by opting to stay at home. Have you ever considered joining the 15% of the UK’s self employed workforce? Here's a breakdown of some of the top work from home opportunities to be involved with if you’re thinking about making the move to flexible working.
10 Ways to Create the Perfect Home Office When You Have Little Space

Home & GardenCreating The Perfect Home Office

Most working people, at some time contemplates working from home, and in the age of technology, this dream is within reach of every working parent. It is very important before you take the plunge to work from home, to carefully consider a couple of things most of all the issue of office space, in particular when space is limited. It must be fit to work in, efficiently without becoming a no-go area to the rest of your family.