ParentingFinding the perfect solution for career-minded mums

The wailing sound of your human alarm clock at 6am is painful at the best of times. Throw that on top of only 4 hours sleep and the smell of warm vomit in your hair and you’ve got the glamorous life of Motherhood. Is it surprising that 60% of respondents to a Mumsnet survey said they had put their careers on hold after having children.

ParentingThe 50 Habits of Successful Parent-Preneurs

According to Startupbros research, the average age for becoming an entrepreneur is 40, with 59.7% of respondents saying they had at least one child when they launched their business. Being a parent-preneur gives you the flexibility to build your work schedule around your family life. Being self-employed is not easy, so these talented parent-preneurs tell us the habitual things they do to help them juggle their priorities and stay disciplined. For their business, for their families... and for their sanity!
How To Be Confident In The Workplace After Maternity Leave |

ParentingHow To Be Confident In The Workplace After Maternity Leave

Whether you’re returning to work after your maternity leave or you’re coming back now your youngest has started secondary school, getting back into the swing of work can be daunting. With time away from your job, it can be extremely difficult to slide back into your role. With the challenge of dealing with sleepless nights, deadlines and juggling childcare it’s no surprise to learn that six in ten mothers say they find returning to work extremely challenging.
How To Find Time For Dating When You're A Working Single Mum

ParentingDating When You’re A Working Single Mum In 6 Easy Steps

Finding time to date again after a divorce, separation or death of a loved one is not easy, especially if you are a working mum. You are afraid of how your kid(s) are going to react and you are certainly not sure of how to break the news. Good news, here are tips to help you get started.
How To Plan A Wedding When You’re A Busy Working Parent

ParentingHow To Plan A Wedding When You’re A Busy Working Mum

As a busy working mum, it can feel like you will never have the time to plan for your dream wedding. But you should be able to take pride in motherhood, a career and create the most beautiful memories of your big day. With proper planning, knowing what to expect and a supportive group - including your spouse - you can have the most amazing family day on your wedding. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make that happen.
50 Real Working Mum Survival Tips To Help You Stay Sane

Parenting50 Real Working Mum Survival Tips To Help You Stay Sane

Stats released by the Office of National Statistics have shown that only one in ten mothers are stay at home mums. The number of stay at home mums have dropped by a third in the past twenty years. With more mums than ever getting back to work and climbing the career ladder post baby, juggling families, life and work has become a tough routine.