How To Plan A Wedding When You’re A Busy Working Parent

How To Plan A Wedding When You’re A Busy Working Mum

As a busy working mum, it can feel like you will never have the time to plan for your dream wedding. But you should be able to take pride in motherhood, a career and create the most beautiful memories of your big day. With proper planning, knowing what to expect and a supportive group – including your spouse – you can have the most amazing family day on your wedding. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make that happen…

How To Plan A Wedding When You’re A Busy Working Parent

1. Set A Convenient Date

Rushing wedding plans can be very frustrating. More so when you have a job and kids who still need your attention during the process. First and foremost, your wedding date should give you ample time to plan. After setting the date, kick off with the plans immediately and avoid postponing, as this only limits your time.

2. Hire A Wedding Planner

A professional wedding planner comes in handy as they will give you the pointers you need, and as a result, you will not miss out or forget any details, causing you unwanted stress.

3. Delegate Tasks

Rather than embracing all the tasks by yourself, delegate some to your loved ones and friends. Better still, if they volunteer, welcome the help. Some tasks you can delegate include organising for transportation, cake booking, preparing and handing out invitations.

4. Choose A Venue

When making a booking for a venue, be sure to confirm it’s friendly and favourable for both adults and kids too. Another option is choosing an all-inclusive venue. This website is great for inspiration. A venue that offers not only space, but also offers catering, décor and entertainment can take a lot off your hands and thus saving you time to concentrate on other plans.

How To Plan A Wedding When You’re A Busy Working Parent

5. Plan For Entertainment

When planning the adult entertainment, remember to plan for the kid’s too. Kid’s games and play toys can be setup aside the main areas, so they feed entertained and included.

6. Plan For Your Kids

If you have younger children, have a schedule in place for them, outlining feed time, nap and play time. Plan a place to heat the food, feed the baby and to sleep. Also helpful for your other guests who may be bringing children too.

7. Choose A Babysitter

This is especially relevant if you have small kids. Your babysitter should be someone the kids (s) identify with. It can be a relative, a close friend or their nanny. Involve your babysitter in the wedding plans so she is clear with the kid’s roles.

8. Practice

Give your kids roles in the event and take time to practice together. This will pay off in a huge way as they will be more confident and will avoid crying, running away or even literally refusing to walk down the aisle!

Finally and most importantly, take care of yourself. Keep your diet and exercise in check. Ask for days off at work or have your spouse help out as much as possible on weekends. Treat yourself to a massage, pedicure, grab a snack or just coffee with a friend to help you keep the wedding pressure off and stay focused.

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