Finding the perfect solution for career-minded mums

The wailing sound of your human alarm clock at 6am is painful at the best of times. Throw that on top of only 4 hours sleep and the smell of warm vomit in your hair and you’ve got the glamorous life of Motherhood. Is it surprising that 60% of respondents to a Mumsnet survey said they had put their careers on hold after having children.

This figure leaves us wondering what employers could do differently to accommodate new mothers. The answer? Well, one of the answers could be outwardly offering flexible working hours. The keyword there is ‘outwardly’. A survey from Timewise saw that in Britain, only 6% of jobs offer flexible hours. This means that so many mothers who have the desire to get back to their job are being left with no other option than to pursue a change of direction, or to not work at all having had their flexible working requests rejected.

One of the fabulous 6% of employers who encourage flexible working is Virgin. Richard Branson say…

“Through a number of flexible working initiatives – like working from home, unlimited leave, integrated technology, and wellbeing in the workplace – we treat our employees like the capable adults they are. Flexible working encourages our staff to find a better balance between their work and private lives, and through this balance they become happier and more productive. I have never worked from an office, preferring to combine working hard with spending time with my family.”

How refreshing.

Due to the competitive nature of some workplaces, it’s also common for mothers to feel like they have to sacrifice their career progression and pick it back up when their children are in full-time education. Some may develop the common ‘baby guilt’. You crave that job satisfaction and want to earn an independent income, but feel guilty for leaving your child in order to do so.

Priska diaz, Founder and CEO of Bittylab shared her story about maternity leave. “I had maternity leave and when I came back I was already pregnant with my second child, I was having sleep deprived nights and morning sickness and was petrified to tell my boss about my new pregnancy, 4 months later I was out due to the company downsizing.”

Is it really possible to be Kick-Ass-Mum and Super-Career-Woman at the same time? It’s not all doom and gloom, because Better Dating Events is saying yes. The premium dating events company is offering parents the chance to work flexible hours to suit parents busy lives… and apparently whilst earning to an amazing living too.

Speaking on behalf of Better Dating Events, Marielo, Head of Events says…

The Host Partnership Programme gives employees the chance to share the revenue on all events. With no startup costs or hidden fees, hosts can earn a healthy income for just a few hours work a week, and the free training makes it easy for you to feel confident about leading an event. It’s a brilliant way for parents to get job satisfaction without feeling guilty about being away from their children for too long.”

Better Dating Events have morning, afternoon and evening events across the UK. This allows Hosts to work within their local town or city. The company is promoting total flexibility and Hosts are able to work as many events as they wish. The more events you work, the more money you take home. Better Dating Events claim to work around every Host’s situation.

Is being a Better Dating Event Host the perfect opportunity for a parent to get back into the woking world without sacrificing time with the kids?

Events are apparently based around an experience such as a premium evening cocktail making masterclass, an afternoon in a cosy pub playing board games, or a late morning cookery course where you eat what you’ve made with your fellow chefs over lunch. How fun does that sound – to attend as a single person, and to work as a Host! The job sounds highly sociable, which would be a huge benefit for Mum’s who find it hard to get out and meet people.

We asked Better Dating Events Host, Michelle, about her experience…

“I was worried about going back to work and putting my baby in nursery so young. So, when I found out about being a Host, I jumped at the chance. It allows me to spend most days at home with my daughter, and the few events I host gives me a great income! It’s the best decision I’ve ever made and I don’t miss those important times with my beautiful daughter!”

Cary Lovejoy Lawler, of said having time away from your child can be beneficial to you both.

“It helps to lessen your child’s tendency for separation anxiety, which makes it easier for others to help you and for your child to be without you when they start school. It also gives you a chance to get out, kid-free, to unwind, have fun and enjoy yourself!”

If you’re interested in joining the Better Dating Events Partnership, sign up to receive the Partnership Pack. Have we found the perfect solution for career-minded mums?