10 Ways to Create the Perfect Home Office When You Have Little Space

Creating The Perfect Home Office

Most working people, at some time contemplates working from home, and in the age of technology, this dream is within reach of every working parent. It is very important before you take the plunge to work from home, to carefully consider a couple of things most of all the issue of office space, in particular when space is limited. It must be fit to work in, efficiently without becoming a no-go area to the rest of your family.

10 Ways to Create the Perfect Home Office When You Have Little Space

The office area will need to adhere to some basic principles as listed below:

1. Surf The Web And Look At Instagram

Visit as many websites as possible and especially relevant is the advice given on workspace size and height. Tips with regard to chairs and lighting, while the aesthetics and different layouts can be viewed on Instagram.

The design and look of the office are important but you will need first of all a comfortable office in which you can work. Remember you want to create an office that will be your new workplace. This requires a dedicated space for a certain period of time which can be either a kitchen table or counter if there is a space limitation. According to Linda Varone, author of “The Smarter Home Office,” an office should be functional first. and beautiful second.”

2. Good Ventilation And Light

It is paramount that the office area must have good ventilation and enough natural lighting to ensure healthy airflow and circulation to provide enough fresh air.

Natural lighting must also be used optimally to ensure that the work area receives sufficient light which saves on electricity consumption. In this regard, double glazed windows can play an excellent role in ensuring airflow and circulation, in addition, sash windows also save space and add ambience. Artificial lighting must be well planned and functional.

3. Comfortable And Spacious

The designated area must be suitable and spacious enough to allow for enough workspace and comfortable furniture. Study designer’s recommendations in regard to the size of working areas and counter heights. A floor plan is essential and there are many aids available that can be used.

4. Dedicated Furniture And Storage

Furniture must be comfortable and the design ergonomic to ensure that you can work without getting back and neck pain. Ensure enough storage space to put everything safely away, but still close enough if you need to use it.

10 Ways to Create the Perfect Home Office When You Have Little Space

5. Go Green

Plants, aside of adding to the beauty of the interior space also play a role in purifying the air and provide greenery in the office. This helps to break the monotony of straight lines and reduce eye fatigue when looking away from the computer screen.

6. Don’t Go Wild

An office painted in more monochromatic colours helps to maintain concentration better in comparison with a very wild colour scheme that can overstimulate your brain which leads to fatigue.

7. Go Wireless

With new technology that uses wireless connections, it is easy to reduce the amount of cabling and with effective planning, you can have a hi-tech office with almost no wires. A printer and other computer hardware can be housed in a cupboard and wireless keyboards and computer mouse promotes a clean uncluttered look.

A home office allows a working parent to enjoy the privilege of work without leaving their homes, and as a result the privilege of being close to their children while doing their job. Working parents will love the freedom that it brings to be able to quickly attend to a child’s needs without having to ask permission to leave the office.