50 Real Working Mum Survival Tips To Help You Stay Sane

50 Real Working Mum Survival Tips To Help You Stay Sane

Stats released by the Office of National Statistics have shown that only one in ten mothers are stay at home mums. The number of stay at home mums have dropped by a third in the past twenty years. With more mums than ever getting back to work and climbing the career ladder post baby, juggling families, life and work has become a tough routine.

Stats released by the Office of National Statistics have shown that only one in ten mothers are stay at home mums. The number of stay at home mums have dropped by a third in the past twenty years.

With more mums than ever getting back to work and climbing the career ladder post baby, juggling families, life and work has become a tough routine.

Here we offer you the very best working mum hacks by mums doing it for themselves across the world.

Are you trying to keep everything in check? Juggling playdates, meal plans, meetings, childcare pickups and drop offs, you are so busy looking after everyone else, you can forget to look after yourself! Lauren Edvalson owns a digital marketing agency in California, she’s also a mother to two children and thinks taking care of yourself is the key to keeping things (and yourself) running…

Survival Tip #1: Make Yourself A Priority

“I think it is so important for moms to schedule time for themselves to renew and do things that make them feel good. We spend so much time doing things for others, it is easy to neglect ourselves. When we make ourselves a priority we are happier and better business women, moms, wives, and friends.”

Lauren Edvalson, Edvalson Marketing

“When we make ourselves a priority we are happier and better business women, Moms, wives, and friends”

Survival Tip #2: Give Yourself a Pickup

When you are feeling down, take a moment to write down five things you are amazing at and accomplishments you are proud of.”

Jenna Goodwin, MummyJenna.com

Survival Tip #3: Think Positively

“We all have obstacles, we all have worry, regret, lots of what-ifs. When it comes down to it, you can either let it tear you down or you can say enough is enough. You ARE GOOD ENOUGH. Stop tearing yourself apart!”

Jenna Goodwin, MummyJenna.com

“You are good enough!”

Survival Tip #4: Have A Monthly Date With Yourself

“Have a monthly date with yourself. This can be at home, once the kids are in bed, or at a coffee shop. The idea is for you to do a little assessment of how the 8 key areas of your life are going right now. Rate yourself a 1 – 10 (a 10 does not mean perfect, it means it’s as good as can be right now) in each life area. Family, Love, Health, Work, Money, Personal Growth, Fun/Friendships. Then do a little brainstorm on paper about what actions you might take to improve the areas with the lower scores. Doing this once a month is a proactive approach to taking charge of your life and making small changes that’ll make a big difference to your happiness.”

Kelly Pietrangeli, Project Me for Busy Mothers

UFit drinks

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Survival Tip #5: Listen To Your Body

“Even if I don’t feel like I’m stressed, I have certain stress-related ailments that pop up that tell me I am. This is my body telling me to slow the hell down, so I do….for a moment. There are a few things I do to give myself the best possible chance of keeping on top of my game. Nourishing my body with multivitamins, and eating foods with energising benefits really helps. There’s one particular drink I have as my go-to when I need to keep going called UFit drinks. It’s my favourite protein drink to grab on the go, is really tasty and it fills me up. Protein is really important when on the go constantly.”

Terri Hasslewood

Survival Tip #6: Be Kind To Yourself

“Be kind to yourself. You can’t do everything, so don’t compare yourself to other mums – you’re being a great role model by working hard.”

Kelly Long

Survival Tip #7: Remind Yourself It Will Become Easier

“I find it much easier now that my kids are older than when they were infants. During those early months, you’re in the throes of breastfeeding, pumping or washing bottles. You might prepare homemade baby food whereas an older child can eat pretty much what you would eat. And you’re less likely to be sleep-deprived when your kids are 5 years old than 5 months old. It does get better with time.”

Nina, sleepingshouldbeeasy.com

Survival Tip #8: Accept You’re Not Perfect

Forgive yourself: you aren’t perfect and nor are you capable of raising a perfect child without some damage. It is very subjective what perfect parenting is and whether you have done the best job, but after you have done your best job, forgive yourself. Your child would learn new lessons anyway.”  

Devika, shitmyworldhas.blogspot.co.uk

50 Real Working Mum Survival Tips To Help You Stay Sane

Meal prep takes some time and effort to plan, but just like some of these mums have learnt, meal planning can be a saving grace when you’re trying to juggle the demands of being a working mum.

Laura Simms is a career coach, business owner and parent from Texas, USA – she tells us how the slow cooker has revolutionised her family dinner time!

Survival Tip #9: Get A Slow Cooker

“Instead of the nightly chaos of not knowing what we’re going to eat, I pull recipes, grocery shop, and do meal prep for the week on Sunday. This takes about 2.5 hours. All the prepped meals go in the freezer, and I put one in the fridge to defrost the night before we want to eat it. Then I pop it in the slow cooker in the morning, and by dinnertime, a healthy, delicious, hot, and home cooked meal is waiting for us. Did I mention that this takes less than 3 hours a week? I think I’m in love.”

Laura Simms, WithLauraSimms.com

“Pull recipes, grocery shop and do meal prep for the week on Sunday”

Survival Tip #10: Avoid Rushed Grocery Trips

“Not having a meal prepared leads to either rush trips to the grocery store or dinners out, this can quickly derail your monthly budget!”

Mindy Jensen, Bigger Pockets

Survival Tip #11: Cook In Bulk

“Thank goodness for the microwave. I cook one major meal that can be reheated every morning before I go to work. I have many children and they are all on different schedules. It’s a load off my mind to know that the kids can come home whenever, and heat up food for themselves in microwave. Not only that, but it’s something nutritious and made from scratch.”

Varda Meyers Epstein, Kars4Kids

Survival Tip #12: Stay healthy

“I try to take supplements, eat lots of fruit and veg, and try and keep off the beige food. This gives me the energy and stamina I need to perform even the most menial of tasks.”

Heather, RealWedding.co.uk

Survival Tip #13: Plan Meals Together

“I have a desk calendar that I hang up on the wall in my kitchen. The kids and I (hubby will eat anything) go through and make a plan for each day of the month. I make sure I have the ingredients on hand for a week at a time, and each morning we decide as a family what we are actually going to eat that night. Dinner time has calmed down considerably and the kids feel like they have a say in what we are eating.”

Mindy Jensen, Bigger Pockets

“Each morning we decide as a family what we are actually going to eat that night”

Survival Tip #14: Plan in Advance

“After my second baby was born, my Mother gave me a great piece of advice – before breakfast is over, know what you’re going to make for dinner that night. This advice works for both working moms and stay at home moms, because stay at home moms can find their day rapidly disappearing for a variety of reasons.”

Mindy Jensen, Bigger Pockets

“Before breakfast is over, know what you’re going to make for dinner that night”

Survival Tip #15: Cook For More Than 1 Meal

The best thing I ever learned to do that helps me juggle a career, family, social life, continuing education, and me time is how to cook 21 meals from scratch without spending my life in the kitchen! Sounds like a lousy tip, but it’s what I teach my health coaching clients to do, too. My tip, then, is ALWAYS (and I mean always) cook for more than 1 meal.”

Liza Baker Flipyourkitchen.net

50 Real Working Mum Survival Tips To Help You Stay Sane

Looking for some tech hacks to help you juggle the daily runnings of family life? Petrina is an online fitness instructor, lawyer and busy mother of 4, she relies on these top apps to ensure she’s in the right place at the right time!

Survival Tip #16: Get Tech Savvy

“Google Calendar and Google Alerts. The ding on my phone makes sure I’m where I need to be when I need to be! Asana is a totally free online tool where I can map out checklists for all my latest projects.”

Petrina Hamm, Online Fitness Coach

Survival Tip #17: Simplify Life

“I am on constant lookout for things that simplify life. Good calendar systems and schedules everyone can see are a must! We still find paper is pretty good for us, though my daughter every summer sets up a google spreadsheet with the whole summer schedule for everyone. We’ve experimented with loads of chore and allowance systems and have found the simplest and best, is just to have 1-2 chores that help the family that kids are responsible for, no matter what. In our house that’s emptying the dishwasher (my daughter), and clearing and setting the table (my son). Cash and Venmo for paying babysitters and others simplifies life, and no more trips to the bank!”

Liana, Liana Downey & Associates

“I am on constant lookout for things that simplify life”

With technology being both a business tool and recreational activity, sometimes both parents and children need to step away from phones and computers and have real time interaction. It’s easy to get distracted, but communication is an integral part of keeping a family running smoothly.

Survival Tip #18: Switch Off

“When my boys come home from school and I’m done with work for the day (at least until they go to bed), I put my computer and phone away in another room. I don’t look at or answer emails or texts. In fact I try to avoid going into my home office entirely. I focus on my kids. I also don’t allow them to have phones or other devices at the dinner table. And I don’t, either!”

Jennifer Bright Reich, MommyMDGuides.com

Never forget the reason that you’re putting in this hard work, it’s to keep your family unit strong and between your chaotic demands it’s essential you relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Survival Tip #19: Take a Minute

“Before you head off to work, take just a minute to look that precious baby in the eye, give him one huge car seat kiss, and hold onto the feeling of her snuggle for the rest of your day.”

Lori Mihalich-Levin, MindfulReturn.com

Survival Tip #20: Look After Each Other

“Do look after yourself and Hubby. Try to still do things that you like – gym, pub, walk, yoga etc. You might work full time, but you still need an outlet. It doesn’t have to be every night, but make sure you do something for yourself. Happy mummy equals happy home!”

Deborah McGowan

“Happy mummy equals happy home!”

Survival Tip #21: The Secret

We are strong believers in The Secret – positive thinking, gratitude and manifesting what you want in life through your thoughts. We teach our kids this concept and we even do family vision boards together. This helps keep us grounded and know what is truly important among all the beautiful chaos in our life. Instead of stressing out or thinking negative, we have a positive outlook and are always working towards our goals.”

Karen Barski, Woombie.com

Survival Tip #22: Focus On Bonding Time

“If you end up doing more of the kid duty than your spouse and you find yourself resenting it, try to focus on how much bonding time you’re getting and he/she is losing. And try to remember that there will come a time when he/she is doing more of the chores than you are.”

Cheryl Reed, Team Reed Blog

50 Real Working Mum Survival Tips To Help You Stay Sane

Mother, and creator of the highly acclaimed MamaLovejoy.com blog tells mothers:

Survival Tip #23: Enjoy Time Away

“Try to book a regular babysitter so you can do date nights. It’s hard to trust someone else with your baby, to give up more time with him or her, and to rationalize the cost, but it’s so valuable for so many reasons. First, it gives you and your spouse/significant other a chance to reconnect, which keeps your relationship strong (or helps to rebuild it). Second, it helps to lessen your child’s tendency for separation anxiety, which makes it easier for others to help you and makes it easier for your child to be without you when they start school. Third, it gives you a chance to get out, kid-free, to unwind, have fun and enjoy yourself!”

Cary Lovejoy Lawler, Mama Love Joy

“Try to book a regular babysitter so you can have date nights.”

Survival Tip #24: Plan A Family Night

“My husband and I always have a date night at least once a month and in our family, Monday night is family night. All phones, television and computers are turned off and we spend 2 hours as a family learning, having fun and spending time together. This helps us to bond and to grow closer as a family unit. It also gives each family member time to discuss any problems we may be facing and an opportunity to help each other with any difficulties.”

Angela Milnes, Days in Bed

Survival Tip #25: Devote Time Wisely

“Remember to turn your phone / emails off for a certain part of the day. I turn mine off between 4-7 and devote that time to my kids. I then work for a couple of hours in the evening to make up for it. It just means that you are focusing 100% of your attention on work when you need to and 100% of your attention to your kids when they are home too.”

Ali, CookiesAndCwtches.com

“Turn your phone / emails off for a certain part of the day.”

Survival Tip #26: Spend More Time Together

“We prep dinner, wipe the table, take out the trash and fold laundry, all while we’d rather spend time with the baby. Instead, take a look at your tasks and decide which ones you can do when the baby is asleep, save anything you don’t need to do right this moment for later so you can spend time with the baby.”

Nina, SleepingShouldBeEasy.com

Being a parent can often be the most isolating period in a woman’s life and it’s hugely beneficial to meet other parents. Rose and Anna know first hand how important meeting other parents is to keeping you sane. Having someone you can relate to and who understands your routine and schedule can be a great release, plus it’s another set of hands to help you out!

Survival Tip #27: Meet Other Parents

“I’ve received this piece of advice myself and I wish I didn’t underestimate it at first. Meet other parents from your area! Make friends that you have things in common with. Reach out to mums and dads on the school run or at the school meetings. I know this may sound like another chore in your daily life, but it will pay off. You will invest less effort to be permanently up to date with your kid’s school schedule and even performance if you meet the right people. But you will also have people around who understand what a busy mum goes through. You give them your time, but they offer positive energy in return that will recharge your batteries in an instant.”

Rose Akoko, Addori Products

“Meet other parents from your area!”

Survival Tip #28: Develop Friendships With Those Who Understand

“Try and develop friendships with parents of children of a similar age to yours. That way you have someone to discuss the tough bits with who knows exactly what you are talking about, the children have a buddy to kick around with when you meet up and you can help out with looking after each other’s kids if you need to run an errand or have to go to a last minute meeting. But most importantly, make sure they like a glass of wine so you can have a night out with them once in awhile too!”

Anna Jefferson, You can take her home now

Survival Tip #29: Consider an Au Pair

“Having an Au Pair is not for everyone but if you have an extra room, and a little cash saved to fly an Au Pair in, you’ve found a great and affordable childcare alternative. A live in Au Pair comes with a year commitment, less stress about them leaving after a month. You can run to the store without worrying an adult will be home.”

Summer Blackhurst, Go Au Pair

Survival Tip #30: Maximise Your Free Hours

“Hire outside help to take care of all the things that prevent you from maximizing your work day and family time. That means someone who does house cleaning, grocery shopping, picking up the kids and getting them to their appointments and extracurricular activities. This is how you stay focused on work and keep your home well bonded and happy! Eliminate stuff that someone else would love to do and does well. I personally don’t get paid to clean toilets. I can use that time to make money, rest or have quality time with my husband and daughter.”

Nekisha-Michelle Kee-Agboola, Nekisha-Michelle.com

Survival Tip #31: Eliminate

“Being busy serves no purpose, really. So, I eliminate the unimportant things. If it’s not on my personal agenda to fulfill my life’s purpose or happiness in some way, I say ‘no.”

Jean Walker, BeingJean.com

“Eliminate the unimportant things”

50 Real Working Mum Survival Tips To Help You Stay Sane

Superstar, Megan is now a Co-panelist on NBC’s popular talk show ‘The Meredith Vieira Show’ in addition to hosting an online segment with Willie Geist on the Today Show website titled ‘Parental Guidance’, which offers humorous and often unconventional parenting tips. She told us…

Survival Tip #32: Put Your Kids To Work!

“Put your kids to work! Have them help you cook, it is a great way to spend quality time with them while also getting the food on the table quicker!”

Megan Colarossi, MeganColarossi.com

Survival Tip #33: Give Your Kids Responsibility

“The best way to juggle parenting/kids/work is to take a long term perspective and give your kids as much responsibility as possible. Depending on their age, it can be putting the laundry away, loading the dishwasher or making their own lunches. To make this approach successful, it’s important to tell children they are getting the responsibility because they are capable and trustworthy. If they don’t feel good about why they need to do extra work, you will hear a lot more complaining. Also, the parent should be prepared to bite her tongue and hold back criticisms on the child’s first few attempts. If children feel they are being judged, they will be resistant. If you follow this approach, you will be amazed how much kids can and will do. In a short while, you will have less to juggle and your kids will be more capable and self-confident.”

Nancy Weinstein, The Educated Mom

Survival Tip #34: Turn Chores Into Quality Time

“Split the responsibilities among each other so everyone is contributing and no one feels overwhelmed. Make the chores feel more like quality time with the family!”

Amal Ibrahim

“Make the chores feel more like quality time with the family.”

Survival Tip #35: Share Your Responsibilities

“Give your hubby more jobs as you’re both parents so share as much as possible.”

Deborah McGowan

Being organised will guarantee that you don’t forget any of your week objectives, from the little to the large. Heather shares her working mum hack about writing lists at the beginning of the week!

Survival Tip #36: Make A Digital List

“Every Monday morning I make a huge digital list of anything and everything I need to achieve in the week ahead. It could be to get toothpaste, write an article, get a new Facebook Ad live, post a letter, phone someone, or remember a costume for my Son’s Pre-School. I split the list into sections; work, life, childcare, and I split the tasks over the days in the week depending on their urgency. Once I’m done with a task, I cross it off. Ticking even the smallest of tasks off gives me a huge sense of satisfaction, especially when you’re trying to keep on track and not get buried under a mountain of to dos! Making lists, for me, is how I can keep my brain focused. You can also achieve more and save time just by trying to stay organised.”

Heather, RealWedding.co.uk

“You can achieve more and save time just by trying to stay organised”

Survival Tip #37: Plan To Reduce Stress

“I really have to plan my days, I find it reduces my stress level as I can review what I will be doing for the next day, the night before.”

Rebecca, AAUBlog.com

Survival Tip #38: Schedule You Time

I’ve found an evening schedule to be a lifesaver. With my son, anticipating bathtime, snack time, bedtime, etc, we get a lot more accomplished together and I get my solid 2 hours of evening work time after he gets to bed! We both like knowing what to do next and I don’t have to stress about getting work done while giving him a bath.”

Carrie Aulenbacher, CarrieAulenbacher.com

Survival Tip #39: Get Organised

Keep a box in the hall or porch for book bags, water bottles and bits they need for school, check it in the evening and add any bits for the next day.”

Jenny Lord, Midwife and Life

Survival Tip #40: Be Prepared

“If your children get invited to a lot of parties – stock up on toys/ gifts when they’re on sale or offer and buy cheap birthday cards in bulk so you never get caught out without a present!”

Jenny Lord, Midwife and Life

“Stock up on toys/gifts when they’re on sale”

Survival Tip #41: 3 Most Important Things

When you close down for the day, you write down the 3 most difficult and most important things to do the next day on a list – and when you start working the next day, you do them first – no checking mail, no checking Facebook, Twitter etc… Just do the three things and then you will discover how quick your business will grow – and how much spare time you will get instead of doing all the jumping around huge tasks that never gets done. 3 most important things – do it.”

Maj Wismann, MajWismann.com

Survival Tip #42: Some Things Have To Give

“Accept that some things have to give sometimes. For example, if you like a tidy house but don’t have time to clean, then either accept you can only do cleaning once a fortnight or get a cleaner. You can’t do everything, so prioritise.”

Deborah McGowan

“You can’t do everything, so prioritise”

Survival Tip #43: Focus

“Every time I find myself dithering, I take a step back close my eyes and say ‘focus’. I give myself 2 minutes to summarise what I want to do and how I can best achieve that. I know that it might not be 100% perfect, but I can then shelve that task and move on to the next one. This technique skyrockets your productivity levels and frees up your most precious resource, which is time!”

Petra, Treasure Hunting Aussie Mums

Survival Tip #44: Be Assertive

There are many work/life choices Working Mom have to make.  When she knows how to be assertive (and not feel witchy about it) in order to get what she wants she’ll be happier.  This begins with understanding her personal values, professional values, and priorities.”

Elizabeth McGrory, LizzyMC.com

50 Real Working Mum Survival Tips To Help You Stay Sane

Being a working parent can leave you feeling guilty. Missing out on sharing your child’s achievements and often milestones because of your work commitments can be difficult but Claire tells us why she’s learnt to say no to guilt.

Survival Tip #45: Don’t Feel Guilty For Working

“Say no to guilt. Remember why you are doing the job you are doing and don’t beat yourself up. I work so that we can afford to pay our bills each month. Before I started my own business and was able to work from home, I went back to work as soon as my children were 9 months old and used childminders and a nanny to look after them. As long as they are happy each day, I learnt it was OK that it wasn’t me looking after them all the time. I was still the one that would be there for them in the middle of the night, I was still the one they would come running to if they hurt themselves and If I was really lucky I was allowed to share their sweets!”

Claire Foley

“Say no to guilt”

Survival Tip #46: Set A Good Example

Make sure you don’t complain about your work in front of your children!”

Michele Paiva, MichelePaiva.com

“Don’t complain about your work”

Survival Tip #47: Help Them Grow

I don’t completely separate things which can be beneficial to my child to learn, grow and expand. Him seeing me work and develop the business gives him responsibilities, helps structure him and prepare him for life.”

Shawn Zanotti, ExactPublicity.com

Survival Tip #48: Integrate Workouts Into Your Commute

I’ve started to integrate my workout into my commute. I work out for an hour and get my cardio, I’ve noticed my ability to focus has improved and I listen to podcasts and educate myself as I run.”

Lisa Chin Mollica, KidCash.com

Survival Tip #49: Have Perspective

“Put everything into perspective. Be in the present of where you are. If you are at work, be at work. If you are home with your kids or at one of their functions, be there, engaged and involved. If you keep that in mind and in line, life will fall into place.”

Jenny Triplett, SurvivingMarriageTips.com

“Be in the present”

Survival Tip #50: Keep Your Word

“Keep your word, only commit to what you can do… and do it. Say no to everything else. Decommit from others about what you won’t do. Keeping your word means more integrity and less guilt. Guilt keeps you up at night and makes you spend time, money, and energy to compensate.”

Sherlyn Pang Luedtke, PresentParentTraining.com

“Keep your word, only commit to what you can do… and do it”

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